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Question How do I cancel a Groupon order I placed?
Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news and specials delivered direct to your inbox.Okay #10006, part 1 Checking Cancellation Eligibility 1, understand the return policy.They should help you.Click Continue With This Order.Although you can return items after they've been shipped to you, you may not receive a full credit.Dont miss out on our best deals!If you have misplaced them or have yet to receive them, please contact Groupon directly regarding your order and then return to this page.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.5, determine whether or not the voucher better nhs discount was a "Final Sale" item.You need to contact Groupon customer support and have them help you with this issue.If "All sales are final" or "Final Sale" appeared anywhere in the Groupon item's fine print, you can't cancel the purchase.3, check to make sure you're cancelling within the proper window.If this opens a blank or error page, you cannot cancel your item.This option is in the drop-down menu.If you purchased and then viewed your Groupon voucher, you can't cancel.Your account page should now display all of your Groupon vouchers.You'll need to confirm the order's cancellation and, if prompted, enter your password.GoSkills Ltd is an iassc Accredited Training Organization.I also have one I didn't use that expired.
Check the box next to your order, then click Choose.