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Stardew Valley Haley as a potential candidate for marriage.
6:30 PM Goes back into his house and stands in the entryway.Alex 12 Alex Alex Alex Alex gridball Alex Ten Hearts In the morning, he will send you letter to see him in front of the Saloon after dark.Help her and get another 30 points.Haley Stardew Valley Schedule Stardew Valley Character Locations is better understood by looking at their schedule.If you say her photos look great, you will earn 10 friendship points.The Beach Universal Neutral Various items that elicit a neutral response from the villagers All Milk Milk Large Milk Goat Milk.Haley Stardew Valley Dialogue Summer she remarks the season is good to go for swimming during daytime Six hearts she thinks of starting a new hobby.Dont forget that birthday gifts have increased effect (it multiplies by 8 so choose your present carefully.3:00 PM Goes back to his house from Spa.Thats why we made a short schedule, which will help you find a path to her heart, or at least, become friends.Tell her that you really like it, and when she asks what you two should do next, just give her a sweet kiss.Your character will come out from behind the Saloon.He greets you and tries to toss you the gridball.As the music plays, you see a vision of Alex's mother happily cradling baby Alex in her arms.I feel the same way.On Monday you have a great chance to meet her by the river, which is south of Marnies Ranch.Coral, rainbow shell, bread, haley List of Dislikes, dont waste your valuable minerals to buy Leah dislikes; in fact, you will end up being embarrassed when she refers to your gift as a stupid gift.IF player IS male: After you both receive your food from Emily, Alex confesses hes been drawn to you since the two of you first met.In addition, she will cook breakfast and dinner for you.The character finds the two sisters fighting about who to clean under the couch.
Haley is used to a lot of male attention, so shes a kind of selfish and prejudiced.
Enter the Saloon after 8:00 PM to trigger the event.

Portraits from Toonyoza, NongDarn and Debu-Nova (for Chubby Harvey and Character sprites.) Thank you.
Farming Spring - Potato A widely cultivated tuber.
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