After one business day, your new Preferred Customer pricing will be automatically displayed when you log in to the online store.
Meaning once a person registers, no other dealer is allow to work with them.
Program receive 500 bonus points (up to 10 off future purchases) after the referred customer makes a purchase.
Preferred Customers do not have to sign any contract or provide social security numbers.Around amsoil decided to help customers get the best amsoil pricing without the responsibility of being an amsoil dealer.Amsoil MyGarage, feature, as an amsoil dealer a great benefit to registering your customers as PCs is that they gifted movie dvd release date are now in protected status.Preferred Customers who sign up on-line with Pecuniary, Inc., receive a Compact Disc (CD) with more than 150 separate Acrobat Reader Portable Document Files (.pdf including brochures on individual products, brochures on various applications of amsoil products, the Automotive Application Cross Reference Guide to determine.Renew your account as you go, as required.Because our products not only have to protect our vehicles, they have to protect yours.Simply send your friends or family to this short url: /friends to register.Preferred Customers feel none of the responsibility of owning a business.Preferred customers can also renew their membership for multiple years and get an even further discount on the yearly fee.And the great thing is that some PCs might just upgrade to become an amsoil Dealer!Great question from a newer dealer in the group.Preferred Customers earn points on all purchases.Receive exclusive offers, amsoil Preferred Customers receive special email offers not available to anyone else, including reduced or free shipping and exclusive product promotions.This was the main program for anyone who wanted to get better pricing on products.Preferred amd raptr rewards Customers receive exclusive product promotions.Preferred Customers who refer friends and family members to the amsoil.C.With an extended line of products you can protect your equipment and spend less on maintenance at a lower cost.
Preferred Customers receive an information kit with their membership card in the mail and monthly subscription to amsoil Action News Magazine covering new product developments company racing activities.
Some benefits of being an amsoil preferred customer is: Purchase, amsoil at 25-30 discount, free subscription to the amsoil monthly magazine (PC addition).

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The amsoil Preferred Customer Program was born.
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