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Patents are meant to protect creations that solve a specific technological problem be it a product or process by assuring that no one else can produce and sell a product or process similar to the one patented.
Always, always, always, start with a market search.
Ill e-mail you a copy of my instructions on how to do a search if you contact me at email protected, meanwhile, check out m/patents.
Costs, get it by Wed, Nov 21 - Fri, Dec 7 from US, United States.A title descriptive of the actual article is recommended.But following through with the steps that are essential in order to transform your invention into something bank of america travel rewards review that strangers will want, and pay money for, is not so easy.By reading about how important inventions were created, you will be better able to work through your own discouragements and feel more confident about eventual success.The complexity and mystery of the process impeded financial investment, understanding, and serious acceptance of his invention.Always search the market as a first step after recording your idea in your inventors notebook.Another alternative which comes with its own set of drawbacks is to file a provisional patent application, which provides one year of protection, allows patent pending status, and does not require writing claims.Any cross-references to related patent applications should be stated (unless already included in the application data sheet and you should also include a statement regarding any federally sponsored research or development if any.Most ideas dont pan out, so you need to keep searching and evaluating.Using an Optional Preamble: i, John Doe, have invented a new design for a jewelry cabinet, as set forth in the following specification.It is highly recommended that you draft a first copy of the patent application and do a preliminary search for prior art yourself before bringing the paperwork to the patent agent you hire for a final proof.By failing to write them down, they forgot them and never again recalled them.George - Hardcover *brand NEW.
Dont file a patent application without a professional search, however.
I dont mean to sound negative or discouraging, but nearly all of what we (I include myself in the we) invent is a variation of something that has already been done.

Any description of the design in the specification, other than a brief description of the drawing, is generally not necessary since, as a general rule, the drawing is the design's best description.