Because they want me in the store, where Ill see the cute kings win stanley cup 2014 colors and tiffany and company discount jewelry want them instead, plus the matching accessories and OMG this perfume smells awesome!
Jewelry Case, product is nice.The card tiers and their requirements are: Angel Card No point requirement: 10 gift card per 250 points.However, if I use the coupon online, Im limited to the gross boring colors white, beige, or black.Go ahead and share it with a friend! .The address is: Victorias Secret PO Box 659728 San Antonio, TX The Bottom Line Die-hard fans of the brand and its products (or those partnered with die-hard fans of the brand and its products) will appreciate this card because of the many discounts and benefits.However, the cards interest rate is high, the card can only be used at Victorias Secret stores mybinding coupon code or other approved outlets, and the card must be active, that is, have been used to make a purchase within the last 12 months, or the member will.Where can I use it?Triple Points on at least 3 transactions per year.Victoria's Secret Angel Card For People with Fair Credit Annual Fee: 0 Interest Rate:.49 Variable Quick Card Facts Earn 3 points for every 1 spent on bra purchases at Victoria's Secret Special triple points days each month Free shipping and extra point days throughout.The Benefits Regular customers of Victorias Secret will appreciate the plethora of special offers provided by these cards.Like a teeny little sample size perfume.Random stuff that I dont really need.If you need to belong to an exclusive club, Ill make you a So Over Debt VIP card.What does that get me?
Earn higher Angel status for more valuable rewards and benefits.
Its sleek and black instead of girly pink, its even more exclusive (whatever that means) and I get double points fohole month!

There is a 25-day grace period for purchases, and you can avoid interest if you pay your balance in full before the due date.