A perfume that garners dislike and love is capable of inspiring passion, and if it inspires passion, it can hardly be described as boring.
There's a peach juice with passion fruit that has a tropical air.The heliotrope creates the magic, giving a vanilla nuance to black friday promo code for target the floral accord.Smells just like when you've come out of the hair salon and had your hair done, your hair smelling so good.They smell like summer cocktails at the beach, but in a more sophisticated way; again like when you wear Femme if you're familiar with that fragrance.There is a lovely jasmine note, perhaps from the lilac, and altogether it is complex, contradictory, nuanced and rounded.The pure parfum is less sweet on me, less silage, but good longevity, compared to the EDP.It's also got some Oriental notes of musk patchouli and wood but they are not pronounced discount tire virtual wheel and it turns into either an amber or vanilla.That is Tresor, a fresh, not too sour or sweet pineapple, butlins voucher 2018 combined with end-of-summer peaches to create a strong ripe fruit accord.This is an easy to wear fragrance and a fine intro to Oriental florals.If Tresor is all about the roses, it is when the heart begins to bloom, that the rose comes front stage.Lancome Tresor is something of an enigma.This rose is darker and more velvety than the subtle pink rose that opened.
The petals cover up her nipples and vag so that she is posing in a very artsy fashion.

I like to smell of fragrances like this one.
Unfortunately, many others describe Tresor as suffocating, headache-inducing, overwhelming and offensive.
A miracle of perfumery, this fragrance is a full fledged fruity floral not a sissy or girly teen pre teen fruity floral.