It also is widely considered one of the haldi kumkum gift ideas in india best weapons to use for several Gaige builds Night Sloth is a slag sniper rifle that fires in a 3 round burst.
Uncle Teddy edit Location: Fyrestone Bounty Board after Toil and Trouble.This effect is shown by a small explosive blast from the gun and a corresponding noise.However the large tradeoff is that it slags the player whenever you use.If you start the quest Wont Get Fooled Again in PT2 around lv 40, you will get a lv40 unique pistol called the Law.Worst part about it is that you can barely move with.However, that is not the best Law you could be getting, because it is lv40.On depletion it releases a nova blast and it must recharge to do it again.Skorcher 06:48, (EDT introduction edit, when you complete a quest that gives you a blue reward item, that item is usually unique.Cross it and walk up to the huge door and it will open up for you.Gives: Order, A roid shield.For example, the first Assassin that you come across, has a chance to drop the Legendary SMG, known.Each of the four assassins has a chance to drop a unique weapon.Gives: Kiss of Death, A grenade mod that homes in on the target, sticks to their face and continuously damages them.