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Buffy and the others went to Santa Rosita to deal with the last zompires, and was assisted by Vicki and a group of unique christmas gifts for coworkers new vampires, discovering the consequence from the return of magic.
Once the ordeal was over, Spike left San Francisco and Buffy, much to her box office center discount code disappointment and sadness.
She repeatedly asked her mother if she could take lessons, to little avail.174 Buffy also tended to unconsciously babble out almost senseless sentences when she was emotional or nervous (much to the dismay, amusement or confusion of others).Buffy was required to improve her grades by doing several makeup tests, obtain a recommendation from a member of the school staff that wasnt Giles himself, and receive counseling for a short time.Despite being extremely saddened, Buffy still made it her duty that she and her friends enjoy themselves at the event.192 193 Despite failing and quitting with cheerleading in the TV series, Buffy is sometimes still mentioned.Im usually super reliable and conscientious and according to popular report, a little tightly wound." 112 Throughout most of her career as the Slayer, Buffy functioned as a reluctant hero.They tracked the demon down into the sewers and succeeded in wounding it before it escaped.Just as she thought it couldnt get any better, Angel arrived in a tuxedo, not wanting to take her back but to give her the slow dance she desired.Angel subsequently returned to Sunnydale to apologize, and after running afoul of the Initiative in the process, succeeded in mending things with Buffy, with both sides admitting that they had been wrong.39 Shortly before her eighteenth birthday, Buffy was de-powered in preparation for her Cruciamentum, a Slayer rite of passage organized by the Watchers Council meant to test the Slayers easy christmas gifts to make for parents practical capabilities.Buffy returned home, only to discover that Xander and Dawn were at the hospital.Willow then tried to destroy the whole world to end everybodys pain, which caused a number of demons to spawn and attack Buffy and Dawn. .The Scooby Gang then counted on the sudden assistance of Deepscan, with Kennedy, Faith, Leah, Holly, and Giles, who revealed himself resurrected in an emotional reunion.156 However, this is in contrast to what she said to Faith in that Slayers are not the law or above.