Los autitos de presofusión eran muy populares, pero ahora son todos de plástico.
Aaron, however, suggests that she is not leadership material and recommends that she step down from her position, selling her out in bloomingdales pandora promo code the process to Courtney and Whitney who have set themselves up as Torrance's rivals.
Bring It On was released in theaters in the North America on August 25, 2000.
Cast off, cast down (country dancing: dance outside the line) salirse de la línea salirse del grupo cast on (knitting: make first stitches) poner puntos, montar puntos, poner los puntos, montar los puntos To knit a sweater you cast on the bottom edge, and knit.Org, accessed November 10, 2010 "Suzi Bass Awards" Archived at the Wayback Machine.La policía amplió la búsqueda para encontrar al fugitivo.Cast off (nautical: set sail) ( barco ) zarpar cast off, US: bind off UK (knitting: bind off) ( costura ) cerrar los puntos cast sth off, US: bind off UK (knitting: bind off) ( costura ) cerrar One way of shaping sleeves when knitting a sweater.Nate Smith (January 7, 2001).The official soundtrack CD is an anthology of musical pieces from all films up to that point directed by Zemeckis and scored by Silvestri.Cast a wide net, cast your net wide figurative (use wide range of resources) poner en juego múltiples recursos ( figurado ) tender una amplia red The company is casting its net wide in its search for exactly the right person for the job.But at the Regionals, the team scheduled immediately ahead of the Toros performs the exact routine they had been practicing.Copon also starred in Power Rangers Time Force, Ashley Benson from In It to Win It, became known as Hanna Marin in the Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars and Cassandra Scerbo from In It to Win It, who later known as Nova Clarke.This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.Noteworthy R B singer and film actress Christina Milian, also appears as the main character in Bring It On: Fight to the Finish.( ES, coloquial ) tener colado a, tener coladito a ( figurado ) encantar a vtr prep La actuación apasionada del músico encantó a toda la audiencia.During a first attempt to make fire, Chuck receives a deep wound to his hand.5 Music edit The film's minimal score was composed by Alan Silvestri for which he won a Grammy Award in 2002.A b c d Kleinman, Geoffrey.Retrieved August 11, 2012.Cast (angling: throw a hook or lure) ( anzuelo ) tirar cast sb (theater: fill a role) ( teatro ) dar un papel a seleccionar a alguien para un papel They cast him as one of the bodyguards.Cocinó los huevos en su confiable sartén de hierro fundido.( figurado ) desechar a vtr prep En su ansia de progresar, utiliza a la gente y luego la desecha cuando ya no pueden hacer más por ella.En su ambición por progresar, usa a la gente y luego la hace a un lado cuando ya no pueden hacer más por ella.
Tengo tanta mala suerte que estoy seguro que me engualicharon.
Cast about (search) buscar tratar de encontrar As time wore on and Audrey still hadn't found her glasses, she began to cast about desperately.

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Cast a shadow figurative (create a gloomy mood) ensombrecer No permitiré que tu mal humor ensombrezca la fiesta.