The First 200,000 Chevrolet Volts qualify for 7500 in federal tax credits (After which there is a phase out schedule). .
To Qualify for AT-pzev, automakers need to pass a battery of certification tests, and also the new york city rockettes discount tickets equipment needed in the Internal Combustion Engines requires more expensive components and time to develop. .NOW to find rebates: Auto rebates, low APR loans, cashback, car finance options, factory incentives by any name, incentives can save you a boatload of bucks.Combined this is as much at 12,500 in government incentives on a car that many expect will msrp for over 40,000. .California Chevy Volt Rebates and HOV Lane 2012 Post here.For complete info visit the, center for Sustainable Energy California.(The program started in March, 2010). .Own or lease the car for 36 months consecutively.(Might delay the actual vehicle launch).Not available with special financing, lease and some other offers.Car makers don't give away money just because are readers digest sweepstakes genuine they care.In addition, depending on your electric utility, you can apply for reduced Electricity Rates during off hours for electric car charging. .The site does not say yet whether the Volt will classify for a 5,000 rebate for EVs or a 3,000 rebate for phevs. .Check out the updated.(If you manage to buy the car in 2010 and do your taxes early without extension, this would be fastest way to get the federal credit).