Read More, calendar Traditions by, chang, july 4, 2018 0 Comment, the Spring Festival marks the beginning of the New Year and it is the most important holiday of the Chinese people.
Chinese New Year Clip Art - Check out kid-friendly images of zodiac signs, dragon parades and more.
Chinese New Year Greetings, E-Cards - A collection of animated and Flash greetings, Spring Festival, and Happy New Year cards.During Chinese New Year, dumplings, spring rolls, fish and a jelly rice cake are served.According to the Chinese horoscope, after the practical and spiritual Rooster follows the Dog, a kind and always ready to help native.Chinese New Year as public spectacle.1314 (y sn y sì) - 1314 represents (y shng y shì which literally translates to "one life one world".These bright symbols of hope mark the return of better days as winter finally retreats - and spring moves forward!The Qixi Festival also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar.A dragon weaves through the streets of Paris during a Chinese New Year celebration.(Eight is a particularly auspicious number in Chinese culture.) Not only is that the case, but Chinese people will specifically jim christmas gift to pam avoid unlucky numbers during big holidays, such.555 (w w w) - 555 represents (w w w which is the sound of crying.The colors of the new year are red and gold, signs of good luck and prosperity.Unlike in western culture where 666 is associated with the devil, multiples of 6 is good in Chinese culture.3 SN) - lucky sounds similar to, which means life or to give birth in Chinese.5 W) - lucky/unlucky, the number 5 is associated with both good luck and bad luck depending on context.While the Chinese will go to great lengths to avoid 4 in daily life, they will try to incorporate 8 wherever they can.The emperor's robes had nine dragons on them, officials were organized in nine ranks, and the Forbidden City is known to have a total of 9,999 and a half rooms.The Chinese also use numbers with homophones for tunnocks tea cake gifts internet slang.For Chinese New Year, banners are placed symmetrically on both sides of the door.However, the number is also associated with positivity because many Chinese traditional philosophical concepts revolve 2018 valentines gift ideas around the number 5, such as the five elements (w xíng which is used in traditional Chinese medicine, feng shui, martial arts, and even music.
During the grand spectacle, firecrackers usually go off with a loud bang in order to ward off any chance of evil spirits getting in the way of all the fun!

And what would the celebration be without dancing dragons and fireworks to bring luck througout the year?
The number 6 is generally considered to be lucky in China because sounds like (liú which means "flow" in Chinese.
The Chinese have many superstitions about numbers, often related to similar-sounding words in the Chinese language, which are called homophones.