Bee was given this toy for her 1st birthday in July and it was a huge hit!
My 12 year old daughter agrees and adds she especially would like homemade cookies.Video games, iPod, Cell phone, Video game console (xbox 360, ps3 or things that interest the child (paintball, music, etc.) if u cnt figure out what she wants give her money to get what she wants.Anyway, Bee is getting this drum set for Christmas.It comes with a basketball and a soccer ball so your kid can practice dunking and kicking goals!Sounds like fun to me!Slippers I remember when I was a little kid I loved my slippers!I can say that I love playing Nintendo Ds those are a good thing so if your travelling there isn't 1,000 "Are We There Yet".In my opinion a good gift for a girl who likes reading and seems tobe interested in new things can be a cool journal(kikki.A cool bluetooth speaker is the green bluetooth shower speaker featured opposite which is water resistant and can be used in or out of the shower.It also comes with over 50 songs, phrases and sounds.In a very simple way, it teaches your child cause effect.If she is interested in an outing, american express gift card price check take her to any good restaurant, and enjoy.Another thing is a cellphone, a minifridge, or room accessories.Starbucks It depends on what type of girl you are shopping for, but here is a basic list.Shes finally big enough to ride it and thats usually what she does.If memory serves, it was still around for my little sister (9 years my junior) to play with.Melissa Dougs Lets Play House Set I just ordered this the other day!Makeup clothes, book, sometimes book, American girl dolls and accessories, nail polish, jewelry, you get the idea!
This toy introduces your child to counting, colors, Spanish more through silly sounds, music phrases.
Jewelry is a good gift and she might also enjoy makeup.

There are so many activities and so many things for a kid to do!
I am in love with the Pittsburgh Steelers.