And thanks to Benita Levin for recognising good service.
" Nicola Dias Rating 5/5 : " My first last flight was from Durban to Johannesburg, I was in Awe since I boarded as it was my 1st time on a plane and I was so nervous.
Manca Rating 5 /5 : "We booked a Kulula flight from Lanseria to Durban and back complete with car hire.
The flight was perfect and so much fun.Simply enjoy watching the flight attendants with their actions when acting out and explaining what needs to be done during an emergency.My kids spent hours in the warm water pool while I lounged nearby with a book.In addition, an adult can carry a small item of hand baggage like a ladies handbags, briefcase, laptop, or vanity case.Very child friendly and definitely worth.This flight was just as smooth as the first and it helped me relax and I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep.I assure you, an airline makes travellers very upset if the carry on luggage is not controlled.The cabin crew was so friendly and I enjoyed the wittiness from the head flight attended she made us laugh so much thank you Kulula for making my flight memorable " Mathilda Meyer Rating 5/5 : " After I had finished my midyear exams.The total price was R2414 (or R805 each)." Read more.The lady working the check-in counter was extremely friendly and even though I was crying like a big baby having had to say goodbye to my boyfriend just a few minutes before she managed to make me smile even if just a little.We will be taking 3 flights in SA this year, JNB to CT, CT to DBN and DBN to JNB.Any piece of luggage over this weight is considered a 'heavy bag' and will be charged a 'heavy bag' fee of R350.I looked glasgow sightseeing discount code out of the window and it felt strange, it was almost as if I was flying by myself There were a few moments when I was really scared that the plane would just fall down, I guess that was just because I wasnt.Kulula Airline offers lifts to the airport through their click a cab facility.Great pilots, and good to have constant updates from the cockpit from the lady first officer.200km free power day they said.It was emotional because I left my kids at home, but every step I took was wonderful and so user friendly.After we had an awesome time at the concert and we got to spend the rest of the weekend with some friends in Pretoria.
Mari du Plessis Rating 4/5 : I flew to George.
Karen Baker Rating.5 /5 : "As soon as we heard of the Kulula seat sale (the same one we told you about we booked our return flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg (we hope that some of our readers did the same -.