Money Soap Theyll have quite the time trying to get to the monetary prize encased in this bar of soap.
Watch eagerly as your loved ones tear open the paper to see the most ridiculous product ever laying in their hands, only to find out it was all a joke at their expense.
May take your friends a second to get it, but its well worth the wait!
Have fun creating a rainbow of rump rippers yourself, or buy as a great gag space gifts for dad gift for someone you love, that loves farts!7.99, passive Aggressive Notes, love reading notes from disgruntled people barely managing to make it through life without a psychotic break?Squatty Potty Check out those reviews!9.97 Mysack Golf Ball Storage Need to rely on humor because your golf game is so awful?Public Toilet Survival Kit Save your friends and family from disgusting bathrooms like the one gracing the cover of this Public Toilet Seat Survival Kit!Well wrap up the perfect gift with the Bathe Brew.This enormous piece of stationery stands tall at almost 14 long and works just like any other pencil (only bigger).Donts for Wives Ladies, dont think you get away that easily!The Dating Divas have rounded up 150 of the most hilarious, memorable, and creative, white Elephant gifts we could gift card karma find!Perfect gift for young and old alike, these bandages even come with a free prize to distract one from the pain.With the ability to add any personalized message you like, you can have everyone laughing around a bowl of lucky charms.Ward off any unwanted attention with these hilarious crime scene and quarantine sandwich bags.Belly Fanny Pack Looking for a gift for someone whos impossible to shop for?Prices Vary Accoutrements Crime Scene Sandwich Bags Are your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches getting too much of a look in before they reach your belly?Its time to turn the heat.It is packed with dozens of biting, sniping notes that will make you laugh.A hilariously funny gifts for gun lovers funny gag gift for the appreciator of ale in your life.This hardcover book is filled with images of zombies dealing with all the things they hate.
Below you will find a lot of white elephant gifts you can buy, but if youre in a crunch, short on money, or just have a knack for crafts, there are some quick and easy DIY ones too!
You may want to adopt these rules if your party is under a time restraint.