If a certain proportion of Canadian viewers tune in to an American channel to watch the same show and if American ads were allowed to run there, the Canadian network would lose that ad revenue and American advertisers would essentially get extra Canadian eyeballs for.
This is a big deal for Bell, and it matters for the NFL as well (which is why theyve been involved in the various legal appeals here).
First, its addressed the decades-long complaints about not being able to watch American Super Bowl ads (which actually made up a significant percentage of the overall feedback to the crtc, leading to this decision).In fact, they even cited projected Super Bowl losses as a factor in layoffs last January, and a report they commissioned before last years game suggested losses of 18 million Canadian /14.6 million.S.Look out for the keyword that will be announced on-air during each entry period.OR, send an email with the keyword as the subject line ( exactly as displayed and your first name, last name, and city of residence in the body of the email to during the 5-minute entry period.In its conversations with advertisers, Bell Media has estimated that as much as half its audience could migrate to the American channel, and the company has confirmed that ad sales are down this year compared with previous years.Last year, they launched a Watch To Win contest, handing out prizes to viewers who watched the CTV/TSN feeds, and theyre doing that again this year, offering over 300,000 Canadian (243,000.S.) in cash and prizes (including a trip to next years Super Bowl and.Other prizes include: 50,000, trip for 2 to SB53 with ARV of 9,500 with YVR departure 2018 Nissan titan Crew Cab 4x4 SV Midnight Editionwith ARV of 57,998.So, while this move has been a blow for Bell and the NFL, its produced some benefits for Canadian viewers.In early 2015, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced that this rule sometimes known as "simsub" would not be allowed during the Super Bowl, starting this year.Stations, as some Canadian companies bought those ads last year, but thats still a decline in ad revenue overall and that hurts it in future rights negotiations.Oh, and speaking of drama, like NBC, CTV will be following the Super Bowl with the hotly-anticipated episode.Broadcasters pay for the exclusive rights to air American shows in Canada, and they make their money back by selling ads during those shows.
Here, the Super Bowl 52 Media Night was stranger than ever this year.
(This does not apply to news staff, the company says.).

And Canadian ads arent something people really seek out, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, its led to decades of complaints from Canadian viewers unable to watch the high-budget, high-concept American ads.