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Forrester, Brent; Reardon, Jim.
The dissenters founded the nearby town of Shelbyville, after fellow pioneer Shelbyville Manhattan, and the two cities remain rivals after centuries.In the episode " The Boy Who Knew Too Much the regular school bus breaks down and a Springfield State Prison bus is used holiday inn express ihg rewards club instead.Springfield, the West Springfield Desert three times the size of Texas!Our team of highly-trained service technicians can do it all, from installing new tires to major engine repairs and routine oil changes.Among the plant's employees are Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, and Carl Carlson.Bibliography External links edit.There is also a Krusty Burger in France, as seen in the episode " The Devil Wears Nada ".It is owned by Barney Gumble 's Uncle.Springfield Preparatory School edit Springfield Preparatory School was a private school in Springfield.44 The locations of the renovated Kwik-E-Marts were: Bladensburg, Maryland /Washington,.C.; Burbank, California ; Chicago ; Dallas ; Denver ; Henderson / Las Vegas ; Los Angeles ; Mountain View / San Francisco ; New York City; Orlando / Lake Buena Vista, Florida ;.In " Stark Raving Dad a street sign reading "Highland" is seen outside one of the front windows, in the same blue color as is used for signs for Highland Avenue in Los Angeles.Homer once stayed there to cheat on his diet behind Marge's back, though he was caught on camera by the producers of Sneakers.In " Treehouse of Horror VI the Lard Lad statue is the first advertising mascot brought to life by a mysterious atmospheric disturbance, enraged by Homer Simpson having stolen his giant donut, and ends up leading the various mascot statues of Springfields "miracle mile" business.Follow-up actions: St Compliance achieved (JUN-07-2006) MCL, Monthly (TCR) - Between OCT-2005 and DEC-2005, Contaminant: Coliform.It is portrayed within the show as a satire of publicly funded schools and education in the United States.Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies.