That being said, it took more than a week after it was ordered to ship.
There are nicer M4 A3 rifles out there, but they are rare at this price point.
Personally, I added an upper sling swivel, sling, Vortex red dot, vertical foregrip, LED green laser/light two-in-one, put a relia-bolt carrier group, next level armaments charging handle, and app for returning gifts a BFS III trigger, but this rifle is ready to go out the box make no mistake.
The flat top A3 upper allows the shooter to mount the optic of their choice on the Picatinny rail.Quite possibly our trusox discount code best value yet.It is a shooter.I bought this for 700, and with rebate, it came down to 650.The CC price was the same as cash, and the shipping was free.That was mildly disappointing, but worth 50-75 in savings wrappz discount code 2018 from the online competition and the 100 savings from local stores.The 16" lightweight barrel provides plenty of velocity for most sporting and tactical applications.Fit and finish are very good.The rifle itself is very nice, particularly in the budget AR-15 arena.This introductory level carbine features a 16" light contour barrel, A3 upper receiver with Picatinny rail, railed gas block heat-dissipating GlacierGuards and a collapsible, six-position Pardus buttstock.I just love.It comes with top of the line irons, mid-length rails that will mount anything you need to mount with excess room, great trigger, and I love the barrel twist made for 62 grain, but shoots 55 perfectly.An affordable yet accurate plinking gun, the Panther Oracle is built to bridge the gap between the Sporting and Tactical markets.Altogether, it weighs in at only.4 lbs.