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Spray with a light touch and you get a lovely powder.I can smell this on French brunette actresses like Marion Cottilard.I don't care to label fragrances as "mature" "youthful" or give it an age group but every time I smell Coco an 18 year old fresh out of high school or an athletic 21 year old does not come to mind.At the moment, they only deliver to 27 states: California, Texas, Illinois, Washington, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Oregon, Missouri, Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Arkansas, Kansas, South Carolina, New Mexico, Mississippi, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.Submitted By Travis Wright on Awesome shrm cp exam coupon code meals, my only complaint is that they focus on chicken, more beef and pork wouldnt hurt.In this way it reminds me of krizia teatro alla scala.Submitted By Jeff on When they first started, food tasted fresh and was not heavy.It does have a short shelf life so order appropriately.Offer of the week clipped, unclip Share Share with your friends.The civet by the way was real, although the new formula, owing to the new policies of perfumery, has omitted the civet and recreated it chemically as civetone.On her it was a rich, smoky, exotic Oriental with something like a creamy vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood and a dark veil of incense, over a mantle of musk.It's formal and elegant, glamorous, and takes itself very seriously.There are two notes of rose in this fragrance including a colder Bulgarian rose but I'm still smelling citrus so this is more of an orange rose.However, it does not cover all areas even in the states mentioned above, so you better use the zip code checker to see if it can deliver to you.Meal Programs Meals per week Price per week Price per meal. 12 107.99.99 Delivery Areas One of the major downsides of Freshly is that their shipping range is quite limited.