By tutoring other students you rob them of the opportunity to have their own learning experiences.
Extension activities can be done in small groups or by a single student.
School Improvement Plan, invite the gifted student to consider a way in which the school community could be beautified by developing a school improvement plan.
I personally believe that it is my responsibility to provide the best education who will the cubs play if they win tonight for my students.A teacher may want to urge their gifted students to select the topic they are interested in the most and carry out their own researches and studies in the selected area.Studies for them are often too easy.Differentiation of enrichment projects or extension activities can come in many different forms.To ensure these students receive the enrichment necessary to thrive, teachers can provide them with higher-level activities that challenge and intrigue these highly skilled students.The celebrity cruises agent rewards reason regular education teachers must have enrichment and extension activities in their classrooms and part of their instruction is because students need to take what they know or what they learned and apply it to the next level.Susan Winebrenner states in her PowerPoint 10 steps to help gifted students through instruction so they can have enrichment projects and extension activities.She has been actively freelancing since 2008.Gifted students love to be challenged.Our role as teachers is take our students to where they are and take them up the Blooms latter.Because of this enhanced academic ability, these students commonly are not challenged by the academic activities presented to the general class.Her work appears on eHow, m and RedEnvelope.Help the student gather books and other media and learn about the topic.This would also build up their self esteem and motivate them for further work.Perhaps a family friend, the local library or the internet might be able to satisfy their curiosity?Two: Teacher prepares pre-assessment and extension materials.These projects can use students prior knowledge as a baseline, and the project will push the student deeper into the topic.Then, allow the student to create a representation of his understanding by writing a story, composing an essay, creating a work of art or producing any other product of his choice.If they study with other students on the regular curriculum, they may not have any challenges to deal with.This isnt fair to them since they are there to learn not to tutor.
She has a book for every subject.
Potential Plus UK, the operating name of the National Association for Gifted Children.

Enrichment projects and extension activities allows gifted students to not do work that is repetitive.
Thats the main question that I had to try to answer to a few fellow teachers.
There are many benefits of having extension activities and enrichment projects in your teachers bag of tricks.