DVD Drive-In Editor George Reis has won a 2012 Rondo Award (The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards) for "DVD Reviewer of the Year".
Combining softcore sexploitation and horror elements, THE satanist tells the story of a writer recovering from a nervous breakdown who moves to the country with his wife for a rest cure that turns into a nightmare when the two become unwilling participants in an ancient.Known as The Studio That Dripped Blood, win four results ny the British film company Amicus Productions founded by American writer/producers Max.Following the Fantastic Four, Smith continued to expand his resume in working on multiple productions.These days, Underwood has left the Hollywood spotlight for a new calling as a Baptist pastor in northern California.Chris Poggiali gives us the full story - as well as complete listings - of one of the first programs to drag Chinese kung fu flicks out of the grindhouses and into the living rooms of mainstream America!THE satanist was the first of a series of black and white dirties made by Zoltan.All titles will be presented letterboxed in 1080p HD and feature English DTS-HD Master Audio.0 mono tracks, as well as optional English SDH, Spanish and French subtitles.Scream Factory is serving up more chills in the new year, as they have revealed that the 1966 British sci-fi thriller THE projected MAN will be coming to Blu-ray!Neue Constantin Films of Germany had owned the film rights to the FF property for several years but these rights were to expire on December 31st and revert back to Marvel.Sannas old tribe blames her for this affront to the sun; Sanna flees their wrath and Tara follows.Scorpion Releasing has just announced the final specs for the Kino Lorber Blu-ray releases of THE people that time forgot and THE little girl WHO lives down THE lane that they are producing.Hammer Horror on Blu-ray group where the majority of our release news is now being posted.The remarkable part is (and I know some smarmy producer may call them idiots but) they kicked in some of their own money." Obviously Sassone is very proud of his version of the.It was a trip place to shoot.Severin Films is proud to present this cult favorite from Connecticuts own Ed Wood ( Stamford Advocate now featuring a new 2K scan when do fut champions rewards come from the original negative and loaded with all-new Special Features like nothing that ever stalked this earth!I think we finally locked the picture almost a year later.
Since the FF, Staab has continued to guest star on various television shows.