gifts for coffee snobs 2017

While a manual grinder may take a bit more work, its often cheaper and tends to last longer than a typical automatic coffee grinder.
Its the ideal brewing kettle for any coffee enthusiast; with its temperature stability and variable settings, it allows you to hold the water at best gifts for guys christmas 2017 200 degrees for up to an hour.Price: 192.99 (14 percent off msrp) Buy the Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee Espresso Machine here.It makes a thoughtful gift for any coffee lover with features such as durable stainless steel blades to ensure uniform grinding and the ability to grind up to three ounces of coffee beans in just seconds.It also offers an optimal cool, dry storage space for any type of coffee bean.Subtle notes of chocolate and cherry round out the flavor for a smooth and delicious cup of coffee.You can read my full review here.Other highlights include detailed information about the most renowned coffee-growing regions throughout the world, detailed brewing tutorials, and inset boxes with facts and figures.A measuring spoon and one year of Friis freshness valves is included.It also has a generous 1-pound capacity so that any coffee lover can roast larger batches at once.It also has room for up to 12 cups at a time.The extraction it delivers is even and consistent when used with skill, according to co-owner Kris Wood.The tough outer shell protects against chips and cracks and is also insulated.If you didnt plan months ahead like 99 of us, its time to get your holiday gifts together.

This one from KitchenAid is nice because its colorful, and you can dial in the exact temperature for French-press coffee or whatever else you might need.
The double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel material can keep coffee hot up to five hours.
You can see my full review and brewing guide here.