Get the Horsehair Tassel How-To, photography: Pernille Loof, a gardening guy will love this green giftrosemary, orchid, paperwhite, mini boxwoodespecially when it's given this handmade touch: a paper sack spray-painted in a metallic shade.
Photography: Joseph De Leo, help him save his place with a delicate tassel-topped bookmark made using metallic and cotton embroidery floss, silk bead cord, and fine silk thread.The realisation that we have to stop destroying our planet has made young designers adamant to produce ecologically and locally, thus creating less polluting proposals, reviving natural dyes and returning to timber, fur, hide, textile, ceramic and glass; original arts and crafts materials.Download our printable template, and take a wooden mallet to alphabet and number leather stamps to imprint his name onto a set of leather tags.Get the Keepsake Book Box How-To.Get the Denim Tech Case How-To.To answer this growing global resistance to constant renewal and limitless expansion, humanity and integrity are requested for the years to come.Get the Custom Tool Set How-To.Get the Leather-Strap Key Fob How-To.Get the Leather Luggage Tags How-To.A movement we see blooming, bringing production back to our doorstep once again.Today, we experience a need for reflection and we feel a need to rethink the (non)sense of design.Craft holds this promise: the turn of this century has witnessed a return to the arts and crafts movement in a step-by-step repetition of the last turning of the centuries.For best results, choose a light-to-medium-weight fabric.Last but not least, this period provides a moment of reflection concerning ivc bookstore promo code our planet and its history of slavery and exploitation, and therefore the humanitarian aspect of production is becoming a key question of our times.Function became remote and voice-controlled and morphed into virtuality, giving function an ungraspable quality.Breathe in, breathe out with this small meditative flute, beautifully designed to be worn as a necklace.Find the best ideas for men, women and kids at UncommonGoods.The globalisation of the world as one market has brought about shopping boredom and uniformity with the alternative boutiques gradually disappearing in favour of chain stores, chain couture, chain food and chain coffee houses.
Get the Fabric-and-Leather Catchall How-To.

Corral his loose papers, or odds and ends in a chic yet simple-to-assemble shallow leather box.
All those stark white Apple accessories are easy to lose, easy to confuse.