Or Sun.: 17 / non-member.
Death Row is a one hour experience.There is only one problem.Can you execute your plan to rewire the electric chair and escape?Travel Channels Best Halloween Attractions 2013 (slideshow).Barrel-train ride for little ones 100-foot potato sack slides, challenging Halloween midway games, hilarious new shows.The Beast : located on 13th Street, first haunted attraction to utilize an open format and a live alligator and lots of front door entertainment including the Thriller Dancers, Headless Horseman, The Beast and more.After receiving more than 600 name submissions, we are excited to announce that Ichabrewed Crane was selected as the winning name selection!The only decree is that you spend one hour in the long-abandoned mansion before you can inherit.Shows from Conner Scairie's fun-loving ghouls.Dont miss out on your chance to buy limited edition Headless Horseman themed growlers that can be purchased in the Conner Prairie Store as well as the Headless Horseman festival!Macabre Cinema, haunted House: staged as a 1930s haunted movie theater with a collection of actual horror-movie sets and props and a 4 story bat pole that takes people from screen to scream.Activities and hayrides may run until.m. .The survivors must be suited for the ever-discriminating thrill-seeking visitor that witnesses extremes on video games and movies. .1975, focused on phobias, home to the record-breaking reticulated python, 4-story slide.Despite the short season, the haunted houses stay intact year-round given their size, scope and technology with crews that update and refresh them in the off-season. .Introducing Ichabrewed Crane, sun King Brewing Company tapped Conner Prairie this what is the deming prize fall and created a special Headless Horseman season brew.Or Sat.: 21 / non-member.Death Row houses the most horrific criminals, including Prisoner X, the only inmate to vanish without a trace.

Now you and your fellow inmates have the same goal.
As a descendant of Ichabod Crane, it is now your blood rite to relocate the Horseman's skull to ensure he may never rest in peace.