how do you redeem starbucks rewards

Im already a member, do I have to join again?
Stars earned are now used to: i) Determine your membership level ii) Redeem printable rebates 2017 rewards* in stores, when you use your Stars to redeem rewards, it will not affect the number of Stars for your membership level.
You can keep track of your all your Stars at a glance here.After selection click Generate, wait up to 30 secs, click Continue.Redeem Rewards comic book lovers gifts For Food, get more than free drinks.Your anniversary date stays the same.Monthly Double-Star Days, personalized Gold Card, reward Every 125 Stars.As of 2015, it is broken into the categories of Bronze Rewards, Silver Rewards and Gold Rewards.What happens to the rewards and vouchers I have already earned?There is no membership fee required to join the Starbucks Rewards program.All you have to do is register your activated Starbucks Card to your Starbucks account and you will be automatically enrolled into the program.For make you sure, you can see the proof below that has been reviewed by the Starbuck Official account.Keep Track Of Partial Stars, its not just dollars that will earn you Starschange counts too.
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