At least the sparring over delegates has forced out a rare political confession, helping expose the distortions of these party rules.
CNN breaks down the numbers.
Georgia, donald Trump: 2,089,104 votes, hillary Clinton: 1,877,963 votes Data courtesy of the New York Times Hawaii Donald Trump: 128,847 votes Hillary Clinton: 266,891 votes Data courtesy of the New York Times Iowa Donald Trump: 800,983 votes Hillary Clinton: 653,669 votes Data courtesy of the. 15 November 2016.M has long been engaged in the battle against misinformation, an effort we could not sustain without the support of our readers.Delaware 185,103 (41.9) 235,581 (53.4 florida 4,605,515 (49.1) 4,485,745 (47.8 georgia 2,068,623 (51.3) 1,837,300 (45.6 hawaii 128,815 (30.0) 266,827 (62.2).That article linked to a, politico story, but that article cited scattered results only in counties with noteworthy results (not a numerical tally by county).The map on which the claim was based came from one of several university projections, but the author of the article and creator of the map repeatedly noted it was a poor reflection of the electoral breakdown.Trump also took the state of Wisconsin, even though nobody thought of it as being a potential swing state even a week ago.More from m: New survey reveals Windows code promo infinie passion users went Trump, Mac users with Clinton in 2016 election Trump voter-fraud panel asked all 50 states for registered voters' personal information Report: Hackers stole voter information, tried to change data during 2016 election. Geographic Names Information System FAQ.A map was attributed to a University of Michigan blog, which contrasted several different maps contrasting the election results as theyre generally shown with cartograms (which adjust for population density).The remaining.4 million voted for other candidates. Donald Trump Won.5 Million Popular Vote Landslide in Heartland.There are 3,141 counties in the United States.State, donald Trump, hillary Clinton, alabama 1,306,925 (62.9) 718,084 (34.6 alaska 130,415 (52.9) 93,007 (37.7).Updates: OpenLeft's, chris Bowers compares media coverage of indirect democracy in Nevada and in the electoral college.Not mentioned in this list app trivia win money was the state of Alabama, where Clinton won 12 of the 67 counties, alreading bringing Clintons total to 64 counties total.Here is what the normal map looks like if you do this: And heres what the cartogram looks like: The maps page did not show a numerical breakdown by county, however.So the Clintons like Nevada after all.
And the reforms present themselves: Require binding votes, absentee voting rights, proportional measurement and a true popular vote.
It all comes back to national delegates, since they pick the nominee.