The reason for this is that information is power to casinos, and they want to know everything they can about you to figure out how to make you loyal to them over their competitors.
Gold Platinum Diamond Seven Star.
Get 15 off the best available advertised rate on rooms and suites.The lowest denomination that you can find with full pay Jacks or Better that earns 1 Tier Credit for every 20 coin in is dollar VP in multi-denominational machines that also have 2 and 5 games.This isn't an easy question to answer, because it depends where you live.The more you play, the more they are willing to give you but these days even smaller players can reap the benefits of joining the program.Because of this, its not uncommon for new members even playing at lower levels to receive free hotels, buffet comps and more).It almost never begins and ends at midnight!I decided to buy in for 600; the remainder of my bankroll.The, total Rewards standard rate for earning 1 Tier Credit is 10 coin in on video poker so that would be 1,500,000 sprint referral discount coin.You will want to take out your card and put it back in, and look for it to say "On March 20, you earned 0 tier credits" before earning anything toward the current day., once earned, you keep your status until January 31, TWO calendar.Entertainment and Other, entertainment : 1 tier credit for every 1 spent.Your marketing offers are based upon your play, not your status.This might all sound great, but in order to become a Diamond member in the Total Rewards program youll need to rack up 15,000 tier credits, which is a difficult task for most casual gamblers.This is important to keep in mind.So, I would have to play 5 VP at 25 a hand.
As you progress through the different tiers in the program you unlock different benefits at the different properties under the CET umbrella.

If you do not hit a royal while earning Diamond, your expected loss will be approximately an additional 1,000 above what's listed.