how to open rewards store sims 4

The next program that we will need.
This is the second conversion tutorial that I have done, here you can find the.
Your sim will never become Embarrassed by their actions, or the actions of others.
Your sim will never be demoted at, or fired from, their job.Speed Reader - 1,000 Satisfaction.Images used for mechanic tool tax rebate educational purposes only.Fulfilling your sims desires gift items pictures doesnt just result in a mood boost, however.Quite handy - though your sim has to be at level 10 of a particular skill before they can start mentoring.If you like to build skills through reading, Speed Reader is an invaluable choice.I was recently trying to figure out how to convert Sims 3 Store Content to the Sims.The chances of conceiving while Woo Hooing rises, as does the chances of having twins or triplets.This video is intended for everyone who wants to get satisfaction points easily, to make their sims more reliable (?) or whatever.Your sims Fun Need is instantly filled.You do not have to install the item into your Sims 3 game.Morning Sim - 1,000 Satisfaction.Mentor - 1,000 Satisfaction.Useful if you want a sim thats ready to work hard.An awesome choice, regardless of your sim, and great for creating a jack-of-all-trades.Independent - 2,000 Satisfaction.Your sim is very clean, and their Hygiene bar will go down slower than normal.Now that you have downloaded Delphys Multi Installer you need to unzip the.RAR file.Make sure you have installed, delphys Sims3Pack Multi Extractor and it is located on your desktop.