WHO attended THE IG nobel ceremony: James Gundlach.
Kansas State Department of Education and gifts for doctors india Colorado State Board of Education for their stance regarding the teaching of evolution, and the prize awarded to Social Text after the Sokal affair.
Wolford, Journal of Serendipitous and Unexpected Results, vol.A.; Ramakrishnan,.; Seyfried,.Perry, John (23 February 1996).Starling, of Madison Wisconsin, for their deeply penetrating research report, " Rectal foreign bodies: Case Reports and a Comprehensive Review of the World's Literature." The citations include reports of, among other items: seven light bulbs; a knife sharpener; two flashlights; a wire spring; a snuff.2016 nobel prize winners, hAVE been announced, hERE, welcome to the Nobel Prize Internet Archive.185 Medicine : Masateru Uchiyama, Xiangyuan Jin, Qi Zhang, Toshihito Hirai, Atsushi Amano, Hisashi Bashuda and Masanori Niimi, for assessing the effect of listening to opera on mice which have had heart transplant operations."Commercial Features of Placebo and Therapeutic Efficacy".Reference: " Are Full or Empty Beer Bottles Sturdier and Does Their Fracture-Threshold Suffice to Break the Human Skull?Dan Ariely of Duke University (USA Rebecca."Beetles on the Bottle: Male Buprestids Mistake Stubbies for Females (Coleoptera.Literature Erich von Däniken, visionary raconteur and author of Chariots of the Gods?, for explaining how human civilization was influenced by ancient astronauts from outer space."Dying to Save Taxes: Evidence from Estate-Tax Returns on the Death Elasticity".

Reference: " Pigeons' Discrimination of Paintings by Monet and Picasso Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, vol.
Medicine : Christoph Helmchen and colleagues, for discovering that if you have an itch on the left side of your body, you can relieve it by looking into a mirror and scratching the right side of your body (and vice versa).