Hold the hologram so the scratches are humped upwards in the center.
Cut the little picture off the bottom of the plate.
Getting a fringe is an instant style statement.If you sweep the compass point too fast, or if you push it down too hard, it may chatter and produce a dusty, non-functioning scratch.(O) / / -_.If small gift for new mom the compass needle makes a squeaking or hissing sound as you scribe each scratch, then that scratch won't reflect light right.When you draw lots of scratches, each of your prizes for bingo fundraiser eyes sees a different pattern of dots, with one white dot per scratch.(If the light source is behind you, your hologram will only operate over a very small range of viewing angles, and the correct angle might be hard to find.).However, a dark environment makes the holograms appear to be very bright.If you don't see kevin werbach for the win pdf these little moving reflections, then there is something wrong with the scratch.First draw the little "V" as a guide.Do you want blunt-cut bangs, side-swept locks or a peek-a-boo fringe?When you view them in the sun, each scratch will both focus and also spread the sunlight (each scratch can produce a "virtual image" or a "real image" of the sun.) You can assemble a three-D shape from these little dots of sunlight.B) problems with viewing angle, stand so you are facing the light source, or with the light source directly overhead.When they are close together, your brain thinks the one white dot is closer to the plastic surface (it has shallower depth.) If the scratch is broad and sweeping, then the two dots will appear far apart, and your brain will think the one white.