Choose a location that is comfortable for all who will be attending.
Do You Give Gifts at a Jack and Jill Shower?Before planning a co-ed shower it is always a good idea to free gift cards make money hack check with the couple to make sure this is the type of event they would like to participate.Category: Gifts and Articles in Mumbai, Clocks and Watches in Mumbai, Gift Articles in Mumbai, Wooden Gift Articles in Mumbai, Gifts - Belt in Mumbai, Gift Boxes in Mumbai, Crystal Gifts Articles in Mumbai, Corporate Gift Items in Mumbai, Gift in Mumbai, Gift Aluminium.Having a guy-friendly shower is a great way for the couple to share in the celebration with all of their family and friends.Guys tend to mostly talk about sports and work and this could take attention away from the event.Some examples of co-ed themes would.These types of showers are what if my spouse contests the divorce often casual, and can have many different themes.If there is a theme to the shower, gift ideas related to that theme can be given.The traditional showers that often involve just women are now being replaced with a more contemporary twist to involve the men.Typically couples will have a gift registry to help in choosing a gift for the shower.Videos There are no videos available.Many couples have kids and may have trouble finding sitters.Location, in selecting a location for the shower consider the theme, the time of year and the number of attendees.Should I Have a Couples Shower?
If your group of friends consists of mostly these types, then it might be best to avoid inviting the couples to keep a more fun atmosphere.

Yes, you would bring a gift to a Jack and Jill Shower unless the invitation states no gifts.
Having the shower in a backyard, or the couple's favorite restaurant, is perfectly acceptable.
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