I don't think it's good to have a guest star who is close to the host, because then they will only talk about things that they already know amongst themselves and that isn't good for online gift registry the show.
Did you feel any burden in having to keep the flow of the show going?
Taeyeon: I wish Kang Dong-won would come.Kim Seung-woo: It's true that I was approached several times before to host a talk show but I spent quite a bit of time in making a decision.But if would have been better if the guest were Girls' Generation.(laughs).Yoon Hyun-Jun: We cast Kim Seung-woo and the other members because we thought they would bring up various questions and thoughts for the show.(laughs) I am still new to the variety show business.I worked hard because I didnt want to disappoint the people around.From the start, Kim Seung-woo was kind and when I saw him keep his promise and played the drums, I knew that I had to do the same.I want to be remembered as a host who was quite good.Editor: minjoo, encoder: kiseki.Yoon: In order to explain that, we had eight hours of film but the actual show is only 70 minutes.I felt that we built trust with our viewers.Q: You're the only real entertainer amongst the hosts.Q: You caused quite a stir when you played the Korean traditional drum; I wonder how you felt at that moment.That is the kind of determination that I have for the show and I'm willing to learn more.Q: You used to appear on variety show "Sang Sang Plus which was the show that used to air in this time slot.