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When we painted a house last year, the paint guy at Home Depot told us to take our 5-gallon buckets to the contractor's desk and ring them up there for a 10 discount.You can ask for a tter, IMO to say a better price any time.Earn 1 point for every 1 spent on all other purchases.View Full Card Details, lowe's Accounts Receivable.If you buy them off of ebay, make sure to use a seller that does a ton of business and has free google play gift card without human verification good ratings.And there is some shady stuff on slickdeals as well.I prefer Lowes, I have pumped hundreds of thosuands through that store and don't let them forget it!Good post Jason on the sites, for discounts/coupons!Originally posted by J Scott: At Home Depot, if you spend a minimum of 5000 (though they'll do smaller amounts if they know you you can go to the contractor desk, submit your order to them, they'll submit the order to corporate for a price.Bryan, I have bought several gift cards and have never had a problem with the info being incorrect.Additional cards can be requested for other users, and individual spending limits can be set.Combine a gift card you bought for 90 of face value with a 10 off coupon you bought for a buck and you can get pretty good deals.Fraud Protection: You will not be held responsible for any unauthorized charges on your card.