Or Youre a Blast.
I tried sticker paper, plain paper and cardstock to make sure that all 3 options work and they do!Read the original how-to for the.There are 2 labels per page.But in the end she picked M M Peanuts which still have nuts, Mom.Use the toothpick marks as your guide.Can you tell Lily is in to squirrels right now? .But handing over a bouquet and a box of chocolates isn't the only way to show you're sweet on someone; combine both of these emelements into a unique floral arrangement for your Valentine.I rolled up, aLL of these designs into one big PDF.I made lots of different options and designs.Use a paper towel and gently remove any excess frosting that may get on the bottom edge or the top of the cake.Photography: Kate Mathis, craft meets food when you use your crafty hands to shape meringue into letters that spell out a message for your sweetie.Again, the frosting will help hold the fondant in place.I used a round cake board and a few doilies to place the fondant.You can tint fondant red yourself or take the easy way and buy it already colored.Go all out and make the cake balls with different cake flavors.Photography: Aaron Dyer, swipe here for next slide.Get Recipe, photography: Kate Mathis.Emma painted and punched and glued to her hearts content.Youll want the width of this piece be at least.25 wider than the height of your cake so that it forms the sides of the box to hold the truffles.But Ben wanted it to read Youre the Bomb.
How to, make the Heart Centerpiece, swipe here for next slide, surprise a loved one by hanging a heart-shaped container filled with candy on his doorknob or near his computer.