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We added curtains over the art studio entryway to add some warm texture and define the spaces, but they are always open and inviting.
Her Chicago apartment in Lincoln Park is an oasis for her artistic self, complete with a painting nook, walls covered in her art, and her boyfriends expansive record collection.
30th October 2014, 13:13 #2, jehane Gigi Paris - Kai Lani Mikoh.Thank you for calling our home angel forever gift eclectic and warm!They each share a love for interior design, home renovation, and creative expression.Name: Katherine Corden, job Title: Fine Artist and Physical Therapist, location: Chicago, Illinois (Lincoln Park Neighborhood.I told you, Im constantly blending bits of inspiration!At the end of the day, I try to give myself grace and remind myself that I am enough, right where.How would you define your design style?We live for art and music and each other.Everything in the containers might not be super organized, but they are an easy way to clear up the clutter, and shelves get things off the floor.The shelving unit in our living room, the pendant light in our kitchen, my wooden dresser, and many other accent pieces are from there.What influence did their home have on how you designed your own?Trust me, there is no bedside table that exists that will fit in a space that size Ive done the research.