One mom bought a few for her Sailor to give to his closest shipmates.
Navy Uniform Tool or, the Uniform Utility Tool, gifts that will have to wait until your Sailor has checked in at "A" School or the training location or is at the airport: Laptop iPad iPod (preloaded with some favorite music) iPhone.
Leatherman, however any multitool will get the job done.Sheet set (Twin size) (Some like those at m/.) Photo album or digital photo frame with family pictures Security locks for laptops and other electronics Camera Wii Travel alarm clock Skincare items (sunscreen, hand lotion, and/or lip balm) with sunblock, especially for those in aviation.Keep in mind if your service member has an MOS where they will be in a classified area, they will not be able to wear a watch unlimited card promo code that has a GPS.A watch makes a great gift to ensure your service member will always be on time.Unlike plastic pens, tactical pens are made out of heavy duty metal making it a functional weapon.Gifts to be enjoyed at the hotel or away from RTC: Favorite homemade food and/or purchased junk food Time alone to shower at the hotel (have favorite underwear reno 5000 coupon code available and comfy clothes available to change into; remember your Sailor cannot leave the hotel room.(If on the dog tags, this can be taken back to RTC.).You can even purchase some memorabilia for yourself, its a win win.Feel free to add other ideas.Whats important is letting your loved one know how extremely proud you are and that you are ready to support them throughout the rest of their military career.If worn on a neck chain or key chain, it can be any color.Basic Training Graduation is an incredible accomplishment.Sandboxx and ask them.Hardcore Hardware TWI-02 Tactical Pen, tuffWriter Operator Series Tactical Pen, a Watch.
recruit Care Package, this is good if you cannot attend PIR.

Not quiet sure what type of watch your service member would want?