OLeary is handling the building for the Ranshaw family, which still owns.
Its not canvasfreaks promo code your regular big box chain-type retail store.Now I don't know where I'm going to get that.Pauls has hired Wingate Sales Solutions to help with closing the Iowa City store, Cassidy said.Bargain hunting and nostalgia filled the aisles of Paul's Discount during the Iowa City storefront's last day of operation Saturday.Because the two stores stocked similar items, they would often jointly order inventory, in order to reduce the cost of items.Still it was still shocking to see the store cleaned out.We dont want to go into details at the moment, out of respect for the impact the closing of Pauls, both for those who work there and for the community, OLeary said.Customers Bart and Karin Evans said they were worried about where they will find the specialty items they usually purchased at Paul's.I suppose its a sign of changing times, Balmer said.They had this unique tap portugal discount vs basic ability to have the products that nobody else would carry.You guys are my go-to shop he recounted.
It was originally located across the street from Pauls current location, but moved in 1975 because the business kvitova prize money needed more room.
The Iowa City Pauls has 44 employees, which includes seven managers, 10 full-time employees and 27 part-time employees.