Some folks have complained that the quick and easy homemade gifts oven mitt isnt that protective, but as a cheap gag gift, it works just fine.
You can click on any of the images above to check out the product page.Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray (this stuff is actually awesome bag of Unicorn Farts, bacon Flavored Toothpaste.Giant Snickers Bar, the holidays are a time of big portions, but this is ridiculous.Get on his dark side and you may be bestowed with a rare albino elephant, and animal that was praised as a symbol of prosperity and signified the high social status of anyone who owned such an impressive beast.These are inspired by some of the best white elephant gift ideas Ive seen in all the parties Ive hosted, but there are plenty of others out there if you want to just use this as an inspiration spot!Also, the sense of mystery (whats really inside?) adds a fun touch.Looking for a cheeky gift?After three swaps, a gift can no longer be stolen and may be considered safe.If a gift is stolen, the previous owner then selects and opens a new gift.Some groups allows players to steal if they get stolen from, but this can lead to endless swapping if additional rules aren't created.If you have a higher price limit, you can sweeten the deal with a pound of gourmet coffee.You can buy or borrow it.Some white elephant parties have a theme around which all gifts must relate.People of Walmart Calendar, if youre going to bring a calendar to a gift exchange, you better make it a good one.Whether you love them or hate them, youll probably end up participating in one this year and will need to find some interesting crap to wrap.But honestly those type of games could be played with any sort of gifts, not just white elephant ones.And if none of these really work for you, a gift card or food is always a safe bet.I kept all of these gifts to under 20 with a small section of gifts for 5 or less!The shower curtain looks like a social media profile, with a clear square for the profile picture.Its just a funny parody box that you can put the real gift inside.Other variations may include helpful hints for ensuring that the right person picks the right gift - for example the bath salts may be marked as female to ensure they dont end up in the hands of the dude who was hoping for the whiskey.
These funny muffin top baking cups serve as a reminder of what happens if you eat too much of the yummy stuff inside.
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