Because there is nothing more annoying than a printable with weird edges that you need to cut out.
You know what I did differently this year?
Im feeling pretty on top of things todayits not often (if ever!) that I A) have the energy to make our own Valentines for the kids, and B) actually make them (I make all kinds of awesome stuff in my headbut its kind.
For other fun Valentine ideas, be sure to check out my DIY Valentines board on Pinterest (there are some really cute ones!).I hope you (and your kids) love these DIY Lego Movie Valentines as much as Jack does!This post may contain affiliate links.So easy, even a six-year-old can do it!And I made a free Lego Valentine printable for you, holla!Have your kid write their name on the Valentines, cut them out, gifts for 11 year old autistic boy stick them in a baggie, add some Legos (I was pretty methodical about making sure each kid got the same colors, becausekindergartners!Follow Carrie Lindseys board DIY Valentines on Pinterest.To make the process even easier, just print the side with Emmet and dont bother printing the second side.That was the only thing I went into Michaels for.In fact, after I did a few, I put the six-year-old to work and made him do the rest (its his party, right?!).I bought this Lego set on Amazon.Each sheet has 6 Valentines.
So dont ask me how my final bill was 32 and included buttons, candy, and card stock!