pulitzer prize photographs

Jason Wambsgans of Chicago Tribune "for a superb portrayal of a 10-year-old boy and his mother striving to put the boys life back together after he survived a shooting in Chicago." : Staff of Reuters "for shocking photographs that exposed the world to the violence.
2007: Renee C Byer - For a portrait capturing an intimate moment of single mother with her young son, as he loses his battle with cancer.Retrieved "The Pulitzer Prizes 1995 Works".1995: Carol Guzy - For spot photography showing the 'Crisis in Haiti'.2000: Carol Guzy, Micheal Williamson Lucian Perkins - For a series of photos depicting what years did brady win the superbowl the plight of Kosovo refugees.Pulitzer prize for photography in different categories.Of Ebony magazine, "for his photograph of Martin Luther King.The photographer committed suicide shortly after this.Dickman, Dallas Times Herald, "for his telling photographs of life and death in El Salvador." 1984: Anthony Suau, The Denver Post, "for a series of photographs which depict the tragic effects of starvation in Ethiopia and for a single photograph of a woman at her.Hagler, Dallas Times Herald, "for a series on the Western cowboy." 1981: Taro Yamasaki, Detroit Free Press, "for his photographs of Jackson State Prison, Michigan." 1982: John.Retrieved "2003 Pulitzer Prizes".2004: Carolyn Cole - For a series of photos depicting behind the scenes look at the affects of the Liberian civil war.Daniel Berehulak, freelance photographer, The New York Times "for his gripping, courageous photographs of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa." : Jessica Rinaldi of The Boston Globe "for the raw and revealing photographic story of a boy who strives to find his footing after."The Pulitzer Prizes Works".Retrieved "The Pulitzer Prizes 2010 Works".2010: Mary Chind - For a breaking news spot photo of a heart-stopping moment where a firefighter dangles from a makeshift harness to rescue a woman trapped beneath the foaming water of a dam.Newseum App, dive deeper into some of the Pulitzer Prizes memorable photographs using the Newseums free app, featuring interviews with the photographers and milestone moments.Swimmer Rowdy Gaines after winning a gold medal.
All photos have been sourced from pulitzer.org and pulitzer.org.
" Pulitzer Prize winning subject Scott Ostrom reflects on the pain that led to prize ".