Thanks to Derek Moore for a photo of one of them.
Not surprisingly, at the moment it is still near the nest site, but should be starting on its travels soon.
Two describe the valleys of the Rivers Dordogne and Vézère, two others cover the more open landscapes of the Verteillac plain and the Faux plateau, whilst a fifth details the heathland and woodland of the Double and Landais forests.
This was the year when up to six pairs bred in the UK as well, so the influx was clearly quite widespread.There are hours of endless fun to be had here!One of Will's pictures can be seen here, and once the Comité embossed gift wrapping paper d'Homologation National (CHN the French equivalent of the British Birds Rarities Committee, have completed their deliberations as to the bird's likely route to north-west France, with luck the record will appear in next.An action plan, supported by EU Life funding, is running at the moment, targeting this area as well as a couple of others in France where birds still survive (the flood meadows near Angers, the Oise valley in Picardy).But the range of other habitats covered is vast, ranging from its own reserve at Les Sept Îles off the Brittany coast to upland reserves that are owned by the state but managed by outside bodies, in this case the LPO.The route round is clearly marked and there are several options for walks of varying lengths, though I did the full circuit.The comparison figures for 2008 were 544 and 995, those for 2007 being 4, and those for 2006 being 432 and 690.In other words, as long as nobody notices.The farmers concerned were contacted immediately, with a view to leaving those particular hay-meadows untouched.In Ornithos Number 24-3, there was an interesting paper about boston market gift card check birds with deformed bills, some of which were quite extreme, leading one to wonder how some of them managed to feed at all.There may now be as many as 450 breeding pairs, and winter roost counts indicate a total population of over 2500 individuals, scattered from the north of the Golfe du Morbihan south to the Île de Noirmoutier and beyond.Pelican vagrancy I see from the November-December 2009 issue of Ornithos that White Pelican has been upgraded from Category kayak pro shop discount code B to Category A of the French national list (i.e.Just this last April, for instance, an adult Bonelli's Eagle was found shot in the Gorges d'Ardèche, in an area where it was hoped a new pair would establish itself shortly.The most threatened species is of course the Lesser Grey Shrike, with only about 16 pairs located in 2011, all in the Aude/Hérault area of Languedoc-Roussillon.For more information about the LPO-Tarn, see their website where there are links to the city's own website (m) where more information about the project and videos of the birds themselves can be found.The main lake is used for water-sports and general leisure activities, while the reserve lies on the north-west side of the main lake.
Peregrines in Paris If you happen to be visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you might also turn your gaze towards the 'cheminée Beaugrenelle a slim white tower 130 metres high among the tall buildings a short distance downstream.
Hirundine surveys A two-year enquiry into the status of swallows and martins in France is drawing to its close, but some initial results are already available.

At the close of the symposium, the following motion was voted by the Assembly, which had representatives from most of the countries of Europe where Red Kites can still be found.