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PDF A Study of Factors Influencing the Health of the People with Disabilities (Eunsil Yi and Soongyu Kim).1271-1276.
PDF Original IP Detection Method in case of TOR or Proxy Server and Its rs components first order discount Prototype (Byungho Park and Dukyun Kim).3181-3186.
PDF Changes in the Particles Models of the Korean Elementary Students about the State of Water (Il-Ho Yang, Jin-Seo Ha and Kwang-Ho Lee).3445-3450.
Designing a Video Control System for Intelligent Transport heatons promo code Systems (Il-Kwon Lim, Young-Hyuk Kim and Jae-Kwang Lee).1215-1228.PDF A New Trend in the Digital Economy: A New Era of Digital Convergence Business (Gyanendra Prasad Joshi, Changsu Kim and Sung Won Kim).2293-2304.PDF The "Twilight Childcare" Experiences of Grandmothers (Young Soon Kwon and Eun Kwang Yoo).5601-5606.Naast het lage totaaltarief van, park Fly biedt het parkeren bij.Al popular giveaways 2017 Sayed and Sek Sok Kun).4651-4660.Some Results on Multiagent Algorithms in Social Computing/Software Context (Aizhan Satekbayeva and Nikolai Shilov).229-240.Efficient PU Detection and Authentication Protocol for Secure Cognitive Spectrum Sharing in Hostile Environment (Fatty.Washing Effects on Electric Signal Transmission Properties of Textile Based Embroidered Circuits (Arman.PDF Factors Affecting Retention at a University in South Korea: Voices of the Students (Shaneil.Select the voucher code you wish to use.Bencherif, Awais Mahmood and Zulfiqar Ali).4231-4254.PDF An Improved Data Loading Method for a Large Amount of Data (Hee Wan Kim, Yong Gyu Jung).3681-3686.A Configuration Study on Manufacturing Systems in Turbulent Environment Based on Text Mining (Jian Wang, Qunzhi Wang and Hiroaki Matsukawa).4627-4638.Analysis of the Impact of Redundancy on Reliable Broadcasting in manets (Jinman Jung, Yeongkwun Kim, Sangho Yi and Hyungbae Park).1439-1456.PDF A Dissociation of Vision and Action for Selecting Grasp Positions in Different Task Demands (Takahiro Komatsu and Masazumi Katayama).2445-2454.Adaptive Image De-noising Using Multivariate Statistical Model of Fractal-wavelet Encodes (Zhiwen Wang, Shaozi Li and Ying Dai).41-50.Multi-Car Multi-Shaft Elevator System Design Problem and a Solution Method Using CPN Tools (Shingo Yamaguchi and Norihide Ishida).2855-2864.New Entrants into the Chinese Rural Financial Market?
Image Segmentation and Smoothing by Using Improved Mumford-Shah Model (Shuaijie Li, Shengzhong Xiao, Yan Liu and Zhengan Yao).3923-3934.
Validation of Secure Broadcast Framework using vanets (Aneel Rahim, Fahad.

PDF Design of Car License Plate Area Detection Algorithm for Enhanced Recognition Plate (Chi-Sung Ahn, Bong-Gyou Lee, Seung-Su Yang and Seok-Cheon Park).1043-1050.