While some rebate cards are valid anywhere where a major credit card is accepted, others can be used at a more limited number of locations, such as certain companies, 1 business types, 2 or localities, 3 or at participating retailers.
Some examples of the government rebate for electric cars 2016 types of fees that companies may charge would be: Monthly fees: If you do not use your card within a certain time frame, there may be a fee.
Reload Fee: An applied fee when money is put back on your Prepaid Rebate Card; if your Prepaid Rebate Card is reloadable.
A purchase for less than the amount remaining can be made with the card, but a purchase for even one penny above this amount will be declined.7, laws regarding rebate cards edit, use of the term "rebate card" has been outlawed.Information regarding fees can be found on the Terms Conditions as well as the instructions provided with your Prepaid Card.4, rebate cards often have expiration dates, allowing very little time for consumers to use them.Transaction fee: This may apply for some merchants each time you make a purchase using your Prepaid Rebate Card.8, see also edit, references edit).(Newegg offers this service) When filling out the Rebate form online you will notified if this is an available option for you.A rebate card is a debit card that provides funds promised by a business as a rebate.This metro pcs rebate MasterCard is a rip off.Reading the information that came with my rebate card says u can transfer funds using ACH.Any applicable fees will be solely based on the manufacturer, company issuing the Prepaid Debit Card, where the card is used or expiration time frame.To combat these problems, critics recommend consumers exchange their rebate cards on websites like eBay, or, craigslist, where consumers can receive cash or cash equivalents for their rebate cards.A: Depending on the Manufacturer, company etc.The cashier has to know ur bal before ur purchase otherwise they won't except the card.Citation needed, due to the likelihood of a purchase being equal to the remaining amount being so low, most consumers do not get every penny that can be found on a rebate card, and the companies offering them pocket the remainder.With many of them, it is impossible to know exactly how much is remaining on the card at the point of sale.Some products may come with a Rebate Offer such as a mail in Rebate or a Rebate Gift Card in the form of a Prepaid Debit Card.Q: If my Prepaid Card expires, can I receive a new one?