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Krits the scout.* And from DJ Ster-These Crates : star_ : Remember, don't say swears/ fuck you Jerma, I don't care (Jerma moaning clip) Pyrrhic Victory : In the beginning of the 'Go!
Star_ taunted to see this.One hit and you're dead, and you have a ridiculous powerful shooting-gun.Hartford Coliseum Collapse (1978).Star_ : It's not that hard! When players use the term Cassava bingo site they generally mean some kind of an 888/ Dragonfish bingo site, but these terms can be extremely confusing because of the distinction between 888 owned and 888 licensed sites, and between the Dragonfish software and the.This is repeated hilariously several times.Vulgar Humor : Jerma can have teresting mental images when he's flustered: "If I don't get three headshots, I'm gonna rebates on fridges reach dune resorts discount code into the toilet, and I'm gonna eat my own shit " "Oooh, Jerma's Mad part 3, let's put cigarettes out on my dick!Also, in the TF2 Servers video: star_ (checking the bots in the server lists Bots.All we know about the Bone Zone mentioned in the 'Bone Zone Smash Bros' video is that it was an attraction at a zoo and has a plastic replica of a rhino with a plastic dick, beyond those details it was rather vague, like why.Cassava Enterprises is based, licensed and regulated in Gibraltar (until 2014 this meant they were authorised to operate in the UK too).Even star_ took one instance of it and made it into a hitsound, though it Came Out Wrong.
Back to School : star_ dropped out of high school, wanting to become a professional artist, which apparently does not require a high school diploma.