rotella rebate t6

Increased cam wear is inevitable if lesser oils are used.
I'm leaning towards going with T6 for my CR engine, and would like to start using it in my PD as well.Viscosity is SAE 0W30.Gotrek September 7th, 2016, 14:41 # 21 romad Veteran Member": Originally Posted by ketchupshirt88 this is all from the "what oil do d and d beyond coupon code i use" sticky, just paraphrased: the 507 spec for common rails is due to the DPF becoming clogged with ash if other.Location: NNY, originally Minnesota, posts: 336, thanks:.September 6th, 2016, 09:35 # 18 belome Veteran Member Join Date: Apr 2010 Location: Mid MI": Originally Posted by pkhoury It's about time to change oil in my lawnmower and 2 power washers, so I might take your advice and try T6 in those.Meets acea B4 SAE 5W-40 specification.We bought it by the barrel.I think my car ran better with toptec 4100 and no problems throughout the Canadian winter but it is your choice if you want to run T6 or not seeing that many have chosen to and have not had any problems.Edit: I use the diesel oils in my lawnmower, power washer and the room mates Subaru Legacy.The 505 01 spec for PD is due to the high pressures in the contact surfaces of the cam and unit injectors.Thats right your engine wears faster for two main reasons: because during cold starts it takes longer to get the oil to all the components, and the higher oil pressure drop across your oil filter means that more of the oil will bypass the filter.Mines 15w40 but non synthetic.The likely consequences are pretty clear.You might be able to use Rotella T6 in an CR engine but I wouldn't want to risk the increased cam wear in a PD engine.I put 4 qts.That way, as the oil is being rapidly diluted going down the dragstrip, when they back off the throttle it might be a 30 or 40 weight oil instead of a 10 or 20 weight oil that would allow a lot of engine damage.In fact, its a negative because it adds load to your starter and battery, especially in cold weather, and it makes your engine wear faster.Now, what does ANY of that have to do with your vehicle?Using the 5w30 version is not as good for the cam.Password, fuels Lubricants, discussion all about Fuels Lubricants.

So youre pumping additional wear particles through the engine rather than filtering them out.