Sweep generators are commonly used to test the frequency response of electronic filter circuits.
The time interval appears above the brackets.
Table Sweep edit, a rarely-used special form of the stepped sweep is student gift cards the table sweep.Horizontal Variable: Controls the attenuation (reduction) of signal applied to horizontal aplifier through Ext.The lower terminal is graounted to the case of the oscilloscope.The delayed time base usually incorporates a much faster sweep, creating a temporal window that typically magnifies the interval by a factor of 1,000.This is also referred to as an "amplitude sweep".In the Wave Inspector section on the front panel, turn the large knob at the center clockwise.You are here: Home new Articles / The difference between hold-off control and delayed sweep.Set the signal generator to a frequency of 1000 cycles per second.First hold-off: Hold-off relates to triggering the oscilloscope.First press Default Setup and press Menu Off until all menus are cleared, just to get to a good starting place.In this position, the trace is no longer calibrated so that you can not just read the size of the signal by counting the number of divisions and multiplying by the scale factor.Turning this knob moves the lower, more detailed view of the waveform from side to side.Stepped Sweep edit, in a stepped sweep, one variable input parameter (frequency or amplitude) is incremented or decremented in discrete steps.Examine the input to the circuit and output of the circuit using your oscilloscope.Some instruments reversed A and B, but that was the means for creating a more detailed image in radar.In modern digital scopes, the trigger and acquisition technique differs from than that of the analog scope.The oscilloscope waits until this happens, then instantly initiates a new cycle that is synchronized with those occurring before and after.Also, for square waves, measure the on time (when the voltage is high) and off time (when it is low).Then, in the Triggering section in the lower right area of the front panel, press Menu.But occasionally the waveform contains or acquires an anomaly that can cause false triggering.Although the theory behind the glide sweep has been known for several decades, its use in audio measuring devices has only evolved over the past several years.
If square wave, measure the frequency of the wave.
The user can choose the event and the amplitude level used for triggering.

Another important, concept in oscilloscope operation is delayed sweep.