Check your credit report today How to get genuine supermarket discounts and vouchers Create your own user feedback survey Not all supermarket promotions are a scam.
Clicking on it will redirect you to the printable rebates 2017 scammer's page.
But the watchdog exonerated Marketing Punch of a challenge that the prizes offered in the ads were genuine and as described.Check your credit report today Sainsbury's 250 WhatsApp voucher scam Sainsbury's shoppers are also being targeted with a 250 voucher scam.Unfortunately, this is a scam made to look like a voucher from." "If in doubt, check out /competitions for all the latest competition news or feel free to send us a message and well be happy to verify any competition were currently running.".You should also keep bloomingdales rewards program an eye on official Facebook and Twitter comic book lovers gifts feeds for genuine offers from the supermarkets and other retailers.You have qualified and are therefore among the chosen few entering the final draw for a Tesco voucher at a value of GBP 1,000.To help you stay safe, here are some of the most common ones we've spotted.The victims are asked to click on a link, which takes them to a website where they're asked to enter personal information before they can print off the voucher.They're then asked to send the survey on to 10 other users.If, however, a person tries to visit the homepages for Aldi misspelled with the dotted character it sends them to an error page from a website which is not the supermarket's.Fake vouchers for high street stores including Marks Spencer, Tesco and Asda are being shared on WhatsApp - and they could leave you skint.People who clicked the links contained in the WhatsApp messages are sent to a survey.It was sent to Twitter user, AliciaP, as you can see below.The other is that the prize is in GBP 1,000 (a sign that perhaps the sender doesnt have a pound sign on their keyboard).Take a look at the post below from What's On Gloucestershire, which explains what the scam looks like.When it comes to something like this, the classic rule remains true: If something looks too good to be true, then it probably.So far, 33 people have come forward to report falling victim to the scam, although it is unclear how many people have received the message.The answer didn't matter, for the second question: Have you ever bought groceries online?Your Voucher-factory, signs it's a dodgy email, the first tell-tale sign of a scam is how the name appears in the email.
In 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority upheld two complaints against Marketing Punch, trading as OfferX.
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