Even though they had lost their Primarch, the Alpha Legion managed to soundly beat the Ultramarines, who proceeded to bombard their foes' position from orbit.
Bale was slain by his own lieutenant, the Chaos Sorcerer Sindri Myr, who harboured his own ambition to use the Maledictum to become a Daemon Prince.The warriors who carried them out were doubtless of kualoa ranch discount code the Legiones Astartes, identified by their power, abilities and wargear, but their identity remained concealed.The Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum despatches a force of six Vindicare Assassin marksmen.This Alpha Legion had been utilising a pylon array in order to jam any communications so that the White Scars would remain ignorant of the Warmaster's rebellion.Whereas many Space Marine Legion forces utilised the manifold elements of the Imperial forces to support their efforts in the Great Crusade, and many Expeditionary Fleets utilised regiments of the Imperialis Auxilia subservient to the Legiones Astartes in their order of battle, the Alpha Legion.These fungoid, predatory and parasitic life forms acquired their sentience from operating as physically interwoven gestalt "blooms".But where the Raven Guard sought to use such tactics to achieve victory without unnecessary attrition, or spare a human population it sought to liberate, the Alpha Legion had other, darker, purposes in mind.This precious cargo had drawn the attention of the Alpha Legion, which set about to infiltrate the Omnissiax, helped in their task by a number of their sparatoi -agents.Many of these unscrupulous tactics are employed by the Legion after careful coordination, often resulting in an elaborate and enigmatic strategy that leaves their enemies confounded and confused.But their fortunes quickly changed with the arrival of a rescue force of Raven Guard Thunderhawks and Stormbirds to retrieve the remaining survivors."It's a bigger deal than that, linked as it is to the disappearance of the X-Men and the Brotherhood, the creation of the Mutant Underground and the attempted rebuilding of the Hellfire Club.A Mordian Iron Guard regiment was dispatched to quell the riots but was ambushed and summarily destroyed as they disembarked from their transports by a force of hidden Chaos Space Marines.This final deception would present the Imperium with an unexpected and very nasty surprise time and time again.Singer is currently facing sexual misconduct allegations including a lawsuit that he denies, and he is still attached.The Alpha Legion ensured they kept the integral data for themselves as well as the corrupted genome.For perhaps the only time in his life, Guiliman acted contrary to his own firmly-held military doctrines, and it was Alpharius who walked into a trap.In their delvings amongst the lower strata of society to recruit more agents to their cause, the Shrouded Hand uncover a hive of Genestealer Cultists.The chosen agents of their warband's leader, these master operatives are able to bind their victims in spiralling webs of suspicion, confusion and doubt before springing their lethal traps.Horus saw the XXth Legion as a unique weapon in the Imperium's arsenal, its ambition laudable and its tactics not so very far removed from those favoured by his own XVIth Legion.The predations of what came to be known in certain circles as the "Ghost Legion" were rare - at least those that came to light were few - and protests by local Imperial commanders or Planetary Governors against them were rebuffed or simply ignored.
The Shadowed Ones - A large warband comprised of Renegades, diabolists and Traitors thousands strong, the Shadowed Ones are led by the Chaos Lord Dynat Mal, known as "Crowbane for his ambush and slaughter of the Raven Guard forces at the Battle of Lyx during.
The opening moves for the capture of the Omnissiax were all carried out by sparatoi -agents, an infiltrated Astropath killing the other members of his small choir, while a simple worker destroyed the ark-freighters comm arrays.

It has been surmised that long before the Horus Heresy was to tear the Imperium asunder, the Alpha Legion had sought to secure its own extensive facilities of manufacture and positioned numerous hidden supply outposts and arms caches, both within Imperial space and beyond.
Answering Russ' distress signal, the combined force of Loyalists were able to turn the tide, and inflict serious losses on the Alpha Legion, and forced them to withdraw.
As the last Legion to effectively join the Great Crusade, the Alpha Legion fleet consisted of newly forged battleships and is believed to have numbered amongst the largest of all the fleets within the Legiones Astartes.