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Declared bankruptcy, emerged from a iherb promo code aug 2017 Chapter 11 reorganization and then was foreclosed on by Fleet (Fleet National Bank Fleet Credit Corporation) who sold its assets (the operating assets and the entire inventory of Anson Inc.
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(Unknown as to last date in business).
Generations of family members followed Emanuel in designing the jewelry lines.The company prides itself on personal attention to costumer service.When the cofounder, Larry Asch retired after more than 50 years in the jewelry industry.Other jewelry for sale includes: Charter Club, One of a Kind (and Salesmans Samples used to display merchandise to the buyers at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Ave.Anson: 1938 - Present.A common practice of Norwegian families is to hand down a cherished David Anderson jewelry piece (necklace or bracelet) to a family member.After the war, in 1945, when the war contracts were completed, the company started manufacturing mens jewelry that included a new type of a collar holder and a complete line of mens jewelry, cuff links, identification bracelets, tie clips, stick pins, tie tacs, tie chains.Religious, Nature, Awareness, Semi-Precious, Hearts, Angels, Holiday, and Patriotic.For over 2 centuries, the Asch and Grossbardt families under the cofounders Larry Asch and Eric Grossbardt with the establishment of Asch/Grossbardt Inc., New York have produced fine jewelry and their collection of jewelry is known throughout the world.QVC has indicated that they are proud to showcase their sultry, sexy, pieces, which comes to us straight from the pulsing heart of Londons West End.The company produced a broad tcs hazir gifts range of designs and an immense volume of jewelry at all price levels.Bergere: Bergere jewelry was produced.Marked: "ART in a square with a copyright symbol".The company also has a showroom in Dallas, and boutiques in Aspen, Palm Beach, Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Zurich, two in Las Vegas and one in Milan, Paris, and Moscow.CO, and Bastian 10K The Bastian Bros.The company ceased operations in 1971.The jewelry is relatively rare.
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1901- Present (Still Operates in Canada) Emanuel Cohn and Gerard Rosenberg opened a small shop in New York selling jewelry and personal accessories, later becoming known as "Coro".

Jewelry by this company is hard to find let alone little is know of the company and it is surmised that the company went out of business in the 1940s.