top gifts for 9 month old babies

Babies also become mobile around this age.
Best option is home-made cottage paneer or cheese.
Squeaky toys, simple musical instruments that make a noise when your baby bangs on them, toy phones, and activity cubes that make a noise when your baby pokes, squeezes, or shakes them are all entertaining for your baby.
Balls that have interesting textures or make noise are also sure to delight.These questions are what most most popular gift cards for teachers of the moms have.Please note: Imported olive oils are not required solely for babys weight gain.Please dont go overboard with butter as its 97 fat and could trigger obesity in babies.If youve ever had to change a crib sheet after a major diaper blowout while managing a crying baby in the middle of sleepless night, youll realize exactly how brilliant this sheet.The power of shushing a baby (basically making the shush noise over and over in the babys ear to mimic the soothing sounds of being in the womb) has been proven, but this machine saves parents breath and does it for them.Golden banana recipes for babies: Plain banana puree Banana milkshakes Banana cakes Banana sheera Banana halwa Banana kheer #8.It contains everything you need to keep babys skin feeling soft and fresh from head to toe, with products that are hypoallergenic and made to minimize the risk of any allergic reaction.You can give your 1year baby / kid a glass of full fat milk every morning and evening.Top 15 foods for weight gain in babies from Sangeetha Menon notes : Please refrain from giving too much chocolates for putting on weight.Hope you liked my top 50 foods for weight gain in babies and kids.The most popular example of white meat is chicken.If that was actually the case then we adults wouldnt be spending so much on gyms.
Additional zip-on sheets are sold separately.