She has a special way of connecting with the audience that every other actress on this list wishes they could hone.
Repeatedly ask, "And how many Eskimos did we count today?".
I love her so much, she's so funny, down to earth, and of course an amazing actress.Family gathers at table holds hand and recites the Miranda rights.Go to supermarket, try to fit three frozen turkeys in pants.She is my personal best and favourite actress, she is amazingly gifted, very visa gift card store locator talented and has an incredible personality, an outstanding feature would be her gorgeous smile, her smile makes me smile Common guys r u crazy she is the best.She did take risks that even Meryl Streep could never have done or dare.Below Chloe Moretz and Anna Kendrick?Former Senator Dan Quayle.Gee, Your Lungs Smell Terrific.Remind reporters that unlike Ron Reagan,., you never wore leotards in your life.Phantom Thinking Putty with Blacklight Keychain - (14.99) Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld is really crazy. .Id love to hear any further suggestions!
Would rather get shot at on freeway than on subway.